Great Presents for a Newborn Baby Girl

What would be the most suitable gift for a newborn baby girl? Read below for some tried and tested suggestions:

Girl Power Crib Sheets

Crib sheets end up in baby photos that the little girl would look back on well into the future. So the new parents would be in desperate need for wonderful crib sheets that look great in photos. Instead of getting the usual animal print, get crib sheets with girl power imagery. The baby will be able to look back on these proudly as an older woman.

Fun Washcloths

Boring washcloths that look like adult towels don’t stimulate a baby’s brain. Instead, go buy a cute pink Mi Baloo Bunny bath towel set to make washing times fun and adorable for everyone involved. The baby would certainly look super cute swaddled in one of these.

Colourful Swaddling Cloth

Not all parents swaddle their babies, but some do. For a newborn girl, a vibrant swaddling cloth would make a great gift. Alternatively, you can choose soft, pastel hues. Go for patterns in pink, yellow, and purple. Don’t forget to buy cloths with great patterns, mainly to look stunning on Instagram.

A Grooming Kit

It’s never too early to buy a girl a skincare kit. A grooming set would include items like combs, baby oil, baby rash powder, moisturizer, gentle nail clippers, and similar care products. Moms do love to keep their little girls in prim and proper shape, even if they are not a year old yet. Just make sure you purchase a high-quality skincare product set. The items should be free of harmful chemicals and allergenic agents like perfume.

Lots of New Clothes

All girls need closet full of clothes, even the newborn ones. Their mothers would definitely appreciate lots of cute little frocks, tops, and onesies the baby girl can look great in. There are certainly designer options if you want to spend some money. In any case, choose clothes in great patterns and styles to impress in photos.

Cutest Shoes

Not full wardrobe is complete without a matching closet full of clothes. Buy the baby girl a pair or two of designer shoes so she can look like a real fashionista. Photo-shoots with the newborn would be filled with fun when parents can try on new outfits. Gift some shoes to go with those.

Baby Jewellery

Yes, there’s such a thing as baby jewellery. Often designed for infant girls, baby jewellery mostly includes bracelets and bangles. Necklaces are safe for newborns.  Jewellery can be designed much like adult versions, as in with real precious metals and gems. You can purchase silver jewellery if allergies is not a concern. The cheapest option would be plastic jewellery, though not as fancy, would still look great on the baby. Do make sure that you purchase jewellery made just for babies for safety reasons.

Personalised Bunnies

Buy the little girl a bunny with her own name on it. Personalised soft toys go great inside cribs. The parents would love it, and so would the baby when she is old enough to play with the toys.

Feminine Nursery Décor

Buy the parents nursery décor that emphasizes femininity. That doesn’t just mean pink stuff. You can choose toys, wall decorations, mobiles, and other items suitably girly for the little one. Ideally instead of starting from nothing find a concept of the Nursery Design you like and start to add and subtract from the concept.

Have an idea about what you are going to buy now? Use the suggestions liberally to choose a gift.


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