Steps to Choose Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories can either make or break an outfit. You need to select the most suitable for your style, outfit and occasion. The beauty is in the details and hence the time you spend on picking the accessories will pay off if done well. It may seem easy picking out a scarf to head out on Friday night; however it can get hard pinning down the right scarf that can transform your outfit of jeans and shirt into something way more than that. So here are some easy steps to follow when picking fashion accessories.

  1. Consider colour

We all have different skin tones and different colour preferences. The point here is to match your preferences to what actually suits you. It is common for darker skin tones to stay away from bright colours such as red, yellow or orange. However, if you are bold enough, go ahead and wear what you like. Choosing colours as per the season is also popular. Summertime is when you bring out all the fun and bright colours while people mostly stick to black and grey during winter. This isn’t compulsory but simply a social norm. so choose your scarves, jackets etc. wisely. Also when selecting jewellery, lighter skin shades are better with silver jewellery while darker skin works best with gold or rosegold.

  1. Consider proportions

Wearing oversized shirts or jackets can get tricky with your size and height. For a taller person it might look sleek but for a petite body, you might look like you are wearing a sleeping bag. The opposite goes for crop tops and jackets. They look great on short and average height people but if you are really tall, it can look a bit odd. Petite people should usually stick to tight pants to accentuate the length of legs. Baggy trousers can make your legs look short. Also, if you are wearing shorts or skirts, do not cover your knees since that too lessens the length of your legs.

  1. Make a statement

You need to pick a certain type of accessory to focus on and make a style statement. This can be long-term or for a certain period. For example, if you have an obsession of shoes, you’d most probably stick to it your entire life. Some people stick to fancy headwear, handbags or belt; it’s all your signature style. If you have picked a certain item, keep all the other elements simple and minimal so that all the attention is on that one bold piece. Make sure you only have one statement piece per outfit or else there will be too much going on.


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