Steps to Start a Fashion Accessory Business

Fashion accessories are an easy method to improve your outfits; one little additional accessory, and the complete look changes from casual to chic. If you’ve always been able to come up with creative accessories and have a great eye for it, you can think of bringing it up to the business level. People will never stop buying accessories since they are easier to deal with and fun. So here are some easy steps for you to follow to startup your own fashion accessory boutique.

  1. Choose a name and theme

No matter if you have a physical boutique or an online store; you still need to think of a catchy name that will grab the attention of all. You need to pick a name that showcases your personality and preference. For example, if you are a fan of flashy accessories, using words such as ‘bling, diva’ would be suitable. Formal names can be taken for much classy accessory shops. Next, select a theme to go with it. If you sell only women’s accessories then pinks and purples would usually do. A formal boutique would need pale colours. Use this theme when you are painting and decorating your boutique or webpage so that people will know what you are selling, as soon as they enter the store or website.

  1. Know your suppliers

You can either make the accessories yourself or contact an external supplier. This usually depends on what you are selling. For example, if you are selling fashion jewellery then you can make them yourself but handbags or sunglasses need to be bought. So decide on what option you will go for and gather all information about them. If you are making jewellery, make sure you watch videos or take an online jewellery-making course so that you know how to make durable products. When selecting suppliers, check their product prices, terms and conditions, quality of goods etc. It is vital that you build lasting relationships so that they continue to do business with you.

  1. Advertise your products

This doesn’t mean you now have to spend money on creating a proper TV advertisement. You can send out emails, text messages or even put up posters around town so that people will get to know about your business. You can also wear whatever accessories you are bought or made, to parties. Make sure your friends notice them and ask you where you got it from. Next you can tell about your business and show some pictures of what sorts of items you will be selling. You can even offer them a free first-purchase up to a certain monetary value.


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